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I would like to shortly introduce our parish to you.St. Bartholomew's cathedral parish is the largest parish of the Plzeň bishopric and has many specific aspects. One of them is the fact that the parish territory includes the Plzeň bishop's residence. Therefore in 1993, the parish Church of St. Bartholomew became the seat - cathedral - of the Plzeň bishop. There are other churches in our parish territory, where we celebrate divine services on regular basis: besides the aforementioned St. Bartholomew's Cathedral it is the Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary at the former Franciscan church. Effective as of September 1, 2007, a new parish Plzeň - Bory was established and the Church of St. John of Nepomuk became the parish church of this new parish. The parish was established by a decree of the bishop, mons. František Radkovský, dated by August 24, 2007. The first vicar was appointed P. Miroslav Martiš CM. I would like to mention the Church of St. Nicholas, taken over under the administration by the Greek Catholic church, celebrating every Sunday divine services in ancient ceremony of Byzantian rite. Clerical administration is provided by two priests and one Basillian. The parish also includes the Meditation Garden in Doudlevce with the Chapel of St. Maxmilian Kolbe. On December 31, 2004, our parish was joined with parishes of Chotíkov (with the Church of Elevation of the Holy Cross built in 1834) and Malesice (Church of St. George) built in 1597). 

Each week, we release Bartík bulletin, where people are regularly informed mainly on divine services in the parish and each week they read my Festive Word column.

When the Plzeň bishopric was founded, the ancient Archdeacon's House at the Square of the Republic no. 35 became the bishop's residence and the parish office - archdeaconry - moved to the gradually reconstructed Franciscan monastery at the Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary in Františkánská street. Here, there are located offices of the parish (where you can find us), a grand hall for ceremonial gatherings, catechism sessions and rehearsals of Plzeň Schola.

Also P. Ludolf Josef Kazda O.Praem is active in the parish - he is the episcopal vicar for the deaconry.

Following from this concise summary you may see that our parish has lives quite actively in terms of spirituality. I appreciate the work of all my colleagues who pursue spiritual blossom of the parish at the St. Bartholomew's Cathedral.

P. Emil Soukup

Adresse Parisch: Římskokatolická farnost Plzeň u katedrály sv. Bartoloměje, Františkánská 11, 301 12 Plzeň Telefon / Fax: 377 226 098; 377 221 623 e-Mail:;